Being authorised BiLock Agents, Kalkallo Locksmiths have all the necessary training and experience required to install, repair and distribute BiLock Master Key Systems.

BiLock Exclusive is made from an Australian lock technology brand, BiLock.  For the last 30 years, they have been developing some of the most secure master key systems we’ve seen.  You can also find BiLock Exclusive’s products in some of the securest places on earth including casinos, hotels, the Olympics and sporting stadiums.

An overview of the BiLock Exclusive Master Key System

  • Durable: Tough lock and key
  • Flexible: up to 17,000,000 combinations available
  • Simple: Requires less maintenance and easy to use
  • Compatible: BiLock Exclusive and BiLock Quick Change Core fit almost everything
  • Tamper Resistant: The lock has an extremely high pick resistance
  • Cost Effective: Competitive prices for installation and upkeep

Why BiLock Exclusive?

BiLock Exclusive has fast made its way to being the preferred locking system for many large companies. Thanks to the simplicity of the technology and the effectiveness of the product,  many are adopting BiLock Exclusive in their workplaces.  BiLock Exclusive is capable of having over 17,000,000 possible lock combinations and is backed-up by its secure dual-bladed key which operates a 12-pin programme of tumbler pins.

BiLock Exclusive also has an integrated 13th locking dimension.  This is essentially a built-in security rod that runs through the cylinder of the lock and must rotate in order for it to open.

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One other attraction for BiLock Exclusive is the ability to colour-combine the keys.  You can choose various colours depending on the level of access granted.  Create up to 8,500 possible colour combinations.

Lastly, the Quick Change Core (QCC) is another feature that separates this Master Key System from the rest. It allows locks to be easily and securely changed instead of having them rekeyed.

You can visit BiLock Exclusive’s website HERE.